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About Etel

My name is Etel Farchy-Szabo, born and raised in Israel. I am a Business Management B.A. graduate, majoring in insurance.
I am a multidisciplinary artist; designing handmade jewelry and creating crocheted jewelry – necklaces, designer rings, bracelets, and earrings. I work in a studio located in Modi’in, where I display a classy, elegant, and modern line of handmade jewelry.

At a young age I absorbed creativeness and craftsmanship from my close surroundings. My mother worked with embroidery, crocheting, and sewing, while my father drew caricatures as a hobby. Today, his support is expressed through producing special tools that allow precise finishes on the crocheted jewelry. These tools are trade secrets that make for the uniqueness of the designed jewelry to shine through possible. My close relationship with my grandmother is what left a mark on my designs. In my work, I seek inspiration from the same deep interaction between pure love, tradition and culture.

Throughout my life I have worked in various fields of design: crocheting tablecloths and curtains, drawing, decorating and painting glassworks, fusing, and more.

Each piece of jewelry produced is either one-of-a-kind or a part of a special collection personally handmade.
My designs are characterized by elegant and clean lines, inspirited by antique lace and using several metals such as: fine silver (999), gold, and gold filled combining gemstones and Swarovski crystals. Nevertheless, from time to time, I design crocheted jewelry that contains different attributes.
In November 2006, I participated in the London EXPO 2006, where I displayed a top selection of designed jewelry.