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About the process

A significant event in my life led me to my work today. My grandmother was a figure that represented to me the cultural and spiritual world and good manners. Our relationship was based on pure and powerful love.

Once my grandmother passed away, she left me a package of treasures: crochet needles, sketches, and crocheting notebooks. Embedded in my memory is a picture of her holding needles and crocheting. She had one wish, that I will follow in her footsteps. Perhaps an internal barrier which I could not explain stopped me. I left the package aside and move on with my life.

Later, my husband and I traveled to Hungary. The powerful experiences throughout this trip influenced me and my creation to this day. During one of our trips to the city, we visited the great synagogue in Budapest. There, miles away from my home in Israel, I felt at home. The tastes, smells, and the feeling were homey and familiar. The atmosphere took me back in time to a place I had never been to.
The rest of the trip we traveled to villages. We arrived at a small anonymous village. The women of the village sat by the doors of their home, wearing long, colorful dresses while laughing and crocheting away.
At the top of the road, one of the women had caught my eye; I suddenly felt that an invisible hand was leading me to her. I stopped and sat beside her. The woman was not crocheting a tablecloth or curtain like the rest of the women. She was crocheting jewelry; a necklace. Lacking a common language, we began to speak, it as if my grandmother was leading me in the direction she wanted me to follow, and that this is my destiny to fulfill her legacy.

After a month, I returned to Hungary to meet the woman and since then I do this once in a while. We created together, understanding, each other without words. Not only did I learn crocheting jewelry, but also the complicated world hidden behind this craft.

The motivation to create something perfect led me to a long learning process, by the end of each I have decided to work with metal wire. Aside of hard work and frustration I created unique jewelry that merge textures and shapes in a natural harmony.
The process of crocheting jewelry is comprised of many steps of trial and error. Sometimes, what seems in the beginning to be a mistake or flaw in the creation stage turns out to a natural part of the design and anew skill.

Crocheted jewelry is a whole world. There are various techniques that give different characteristics to each piece designed – open and spacious crocheting, or rich and tight. Techniques are derived from different background and cultures around the world. The crocheting techniques I fuse in my designs can be attained by the following styles: Viking knitting, Tunisian knitting, crochet, Irish knitting, and more.

My designs are based on lifelong experiences with various technologies and crocheting techniques through the use of wide range of materials: gold filled 1/20 14K, gold 18k, and fine silver, with semi-precious stones , Swarovski crystals, and more.