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About the studio

Etel studio was established in 2005, and displays crochet and woven jewelry, all are handmade and Etel’s own designs. The atmosphere in the studio gives freedom for creativity, while leaning on the past as inspiration and a basis for creation.

The crochet jewelry is made from gold 18K, gold filled 1/20 14K, fine silver (999), intertwined with gem stones and Swarovski crystals.

Among the selections there are necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings designed for a classy look.
The source of inspiration, and recurrent motives in the look and flow of the designed jewelry are the sea and the lace.

The design tools that are used by Eetel in her designs are classic needles and design tools manufactured especially by her father, turning the jewelry into a more meticulous and precise designs. Through these tools and a combination of traditional elements using Textile Techniques in Metal, create a piece with a unique design.

The handmade jewelry is available for purchase from the displayed collection or through personal orders, customized completely to the personality and desires of the client.